26 February, 2010

I have a Group!

So, I just had a phonecall from Jaenneke at the Ttif Company with my lesson plan! I begin next week, every Wednesday and Thursday evening until the end of time!

Obviously my results were processed much faster than I imagined - under 24 hours in fact.

There goes any possibility for a social life in the next 12 months (It's not like I was particularly active anyway!).

I'm excited and just want to get started now.

Wish me luck XX


Connie Koorevaar said...

Oh cool...at least you've got a plan! :) I'll let you know Tuesday if I'm joining you or not :)

wilber said...

Way major cool! Best of luck.
Thanks for starting this blog. It's great!
Finding this blog is perfect, as I have just started the same process. However, I am going to ROC in Muziekwijk.... Again. But, that is a long story.
I started at ROC 15Feb and this past week was vacation. I attend 4 days per week, 3 hours per day. In those four days I have 3 different docents! I am curious to learn if Ttif offers a more consistent experience.

Valentijn said...

My A level course at James Boswell Institute (Utrecht Universiteit) had 2 teachers alternating days - but that was an "extra" class they squeezed in because the others were full. I think we used 6 or 7 different class rooms in a 2 month period :-P My B1 class has just 1 teacher, which is so much easier :-P "Okay turn in your homework." "Eh?" "Oh. Do page 30 and 31 for next week then."

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