11 March, 2013

Consumed by the Obsession

I haven't had a lot of time lately to think about life in the Netherlands (apart from the awful weather I complained about ad nauseum here) because I've been far too busy working on my obsession!

It was a friend's birthday a month or so ago and her husband challenged her friends to instead of buying a gift, to make something that we thought she would love.  I stalled and procrastinated and wondered what I would make until I remembered:  I have a hobby!  I can crochet something!  But what, exactly?  Then I remembered that the friend is crazy nuts about Hello Kitty so I decided to make her a hat.

Illness and the weather was against me, so I couldn't make the party to give the gift in person, but my husband went and I understand that the hat was a great success.  So much so that it led to my very first order: another Hello Kitty hat!

From there the whole selling my obsession idea has started to gather some momentum.  I've been busy making more hats, exploring the possibility of making dolls and have even just finished making a dress for a dog!  Who knew that there was a market for crochet doggie outfits?!  Not me, that's for sure.

Now I'm busy trying to come up with some business ideas - what do I call myself?  What is the best selling platform?  Is it Etsy?  Facebook?  Word of mouth?  Coming up with some branding ideas and getting myself an online presence.  All of this is taking quite a bit of effort and I continue to push it to the bottom of the To Do list because I'm far too busy actually making things!  Oh and did I mention that I'm discussing collaborating with my good friend Stephanie who makes jewellery.  We have been madly pinning ideas on that massive time sink that is Pinterest.

Watch this space (and my Instagram feed) as my new project starts to unfold.  I'm hoping it's a success and I'm absolutely chomping at the bit.

So, apologies in advance if there is a bit of radio silence around here.  This space is my baby and I promise I won't abandon it.

In the mean time, take a look at some of the bits and bobs I've been making recently and if you want me to make you something, just let me know and I'll send you an email!
Baby owls.  Raina loves playing with and chewing on these.

"May the force be with you."

Mary Jane slippers for myself that I wear every day!

The infamous "Boobie Beanie"

My favourite project so far, isn't this hippo cool?

Basket made out of t-shirt yarn.  Cool hey!

Sock monkey beanie

Just whipped this up one afternoon - cotton summer beanie.

04 March, 2013

This Week's View

Over the past few weeks I have been down in the dumps (as my ranty post from last week illustrated), but that's all changing people!

I went to the sauna with a good friend last week and I have been feeling much more positive ever since.  Seriously, if you're avoiding the sauna because of the nakedness, get over it and get amongst it!

Plus, I stepped outside this morning and it was clear, crisp and sunny!  Cycling to work was a joy; there was almost no wind, which is a rarity in Almere and all the cyclists were happily going about their business, behaving well.

And look, here's the view from my office window this week:

A bit different to the same view from this time last week:

So I'm a very happy camper, to say the least.

Happy March, and happy spring!

Thanks to everybody who gave me some invaluable tips for coping with the horrid weather last week.  I will seriously consider light therapy for next winter and I bought a new dress at the weekend, so I can crank the heating and dance around drinking tropical cocktails!

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