05 July, 2010

Practice Practice Practice!

Last week at school, my teacher gave us a new learning tool.  It is a website with a lot of different practice tests, and then at the end of each you can do a small test to see how you went. You can use it here:  wandel-abc.nl

I've so far found it to be invaluable.  I feel like I have most of the inburgering exam stuff under my belt after completing one of the practice exams in class, but I was finding it difficult to learn opposites (eg. 'dik' and 'dun').  This site is brilliant for that!  I obviously have no clue as to the actual usefulness of the site when it comes time to sit the exams, but it's teaching me vocab, which is the most important thing for me now (now that I'm learning how to make sentences properly and understand grammar better thanks to my last post).

Now, as usual the KNS oefeningen is very preachy.  Example:
Perhaps it's just me, but I don't feel that preaching healthy behaviour is essential for immigration..?  But hey.  I was born under a rock (in the minds of the creators of the inburgering course), so I clearly do not know what is good for me.  I need to be told.

All jibes aside, check out the site, it is VERY useful!


wilber said...

Hi Nerissa,

Way major cool. Thanks for the tip, as well as your last one.

I picked up your last suggestion from bol and recently started it. I wanted to complete me class stuff first and I have been rewarded by being told, today, that I can advance to the next level na de vacantie.

I tried the first lesson on this link and although it was rather easy, repetition helps and I did learn some words I did not know. I'll have to check out the inbergering link and get an idea of what to expect.

I'm disappointed that we missed you this past Friday. Perhaps, in September.

Anyway, I applaud your persistence in this inbergering endeavor and appreciate you passing along tips, etc.

Best of luck,

Unknown said...

Bill, I'm so glad that you're moving up to the next level at school. Congratulations!

I'm also really pleased that you've picked up the book. I honestly think that it has been an amazing tool for me. It's all stuff that the class level expects I should know before going in. I'm almost half way through the book, but really struggle to find the time to do the work! There's another one I'm going to try and get my hands on for more advanced grammar. I think it's Staatsexamen II level, which is what my teacher is spending a lot of time on with the language classes. We hardly ever pick up the Nieuwe Buren book if I'm honest. It's just a bit of a dead weight that I carry around with me each week!

Enjoy the website. You're right, some of it is very easy, but I'm fast learning new words, and it's great for remembering them. Give the KNS page a go. Tell me how you get on with some of the history questions!

Unknown said...

Nice site to learn vocabulary! As for being preachy... it's part of the inburgering to get used to being preached around! Sterkte daarmee ;)You can say that you are completely ingeburgerd in NL when you start preaching back!! hehe

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