20 July, 2011

Clogs and Tulips - Guest Post

Last week I had the privilege of guest posting on one of my favourite expat blogs ever, Clogs and Tulips - An American in Holland.

I was so excited about the prospect because, Clogs and Tulips was the first expat blog I found and started reading, way back when I was too scared to even comment, let alone consider writing my own blog about my life here in the Netherlands.

Tiffany writes all about everything here about life as an expat in Holland.  The blog has been invaluable for me and has really been one of my favourite go-to resources when I need questions answered about, well, anything!  On the blog you can find posts about getting your driver's license, taking the staatexamen, and now, something that is particularly close to my heart, having a baby in the Netherlands.

Pop over for a look, I promise you'll love Clogs and Tulips as much as I do.

What we are talking about

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