01 November, 2012

Not quite as famous as Lady Gaga...

This week I have been interviewed by expatblogs.com about my experiences and life in the Netherlands.

Head over and take a look: Expat Interview Nerissa

Incidentally, I have also been nominated by Expat Blogs in their 2012 Top Blog Blog Awards which is a fabulous nomination.  Expat Blogs is a site that unites expat bloggers from all over the world into one place, with 700 blogs listed, and counting.  It is also a great location to keep up to date with global news that affects expats, along with a very active forum and regular writing contests.

Now, if I want to win the Top Blog title, I need your help.  One of the major judging criteria is recommendations from you, the amazing people who take the time to visit this page and bother to read about my life.  Of course winning is not the goal, but it's wonderful to be able to spread the word about life in Almere.

So, could you do me a favour and click on the image below and leave me a small comment on my profile page there?

Expat Blogs

Now, back to regular programming.

What we are talking about

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