04 March, 2013

This Week's View

Over the past few weeks I have been down in the dumps (as my ranty post from last week illustrated), but that's all changing people!

I went to the sauna with a good friend last week and I have been feeling much more positive ever since.  Seriously, if you're avoiding the sauna because of the nakedness, get over it and get amongst it!

Plus, I stepped outside this morning and it was clear, crisp and sunny!  Cycling to work was a joy; there was almost no wind, which is a rarity in Almere and all the cyclists were happily going about their business, behaving well.

And look, here's the view from my office window this week:

A bit different to the same view from this time last week:

So I'm a very happy camper, to say the least.

Happy March, and happy spring!

Thanks to everybody who gave me some invaluable tips for coping with the horrid weather last week.  I will seriously consider light therapy for next winter and I bought a new dress at the weekend, so I can crank the heating and dance around drinking tropical cocktails!

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