10 April, 2013

Best Customer Service Ever!

After almost five years of living in the Netherlands I've become very accustomed to the lack of customer service, the niet mogelijk and kan niet, and argumentative wait staff.

So you can only imagine my shock when I experienced great customer service in the extreme yesterday.

I've only recently been able to afford to be able to return to my awesome hairdresser after a year's hiatus.  That's right, a year.  After Raina was born I started working less and my disposable income essentially disappeared completely.  But out of the blue the opportunity arose to make some money out of advertising on this site, so I jumped at it.  It isn't much, but enough that I could go back to my beloved hairdresser.

Anyway, yesterday I had a hair appointment and rocked up at the time in my agenda - 4.30pm.  Problem was, my appointment was at 3.30 according to their agenda.  Shit.  I was fully expected to be told to go away and make another appointment (as would be the norm), but the manager went to see if my hairdresser was still around, or if she had gone for the day.

Next moment my hairdresser appeared; I had caught her right in the middle of having her own hair done!  She was dressed in a cape and half her head was covered in foil and hair dye.  We both fell over ourselves laughing and apologising for the mix-up (also a rarity) and she suggested that if I give her 15 minutes to finish painting her hair I could come back and we would have our appointment as normal.  Wow!

She then proceeded to colour my hair while still dressed in a cape and with her hair all covered in hair dye.  Not only that, because she wasn't happy with the job she did last time - I was fine with it, liked it in fact - she was going to re-do it for free.  Free!  Can you honestly tell me the last time somebody offered something for free, anywhere?

Then, after drying and styling my hair for half an hour, she decided that the ends were a bit dry and quickly ran over my hair with the scissors to tidy it up.  Again, for free!  Unreal.

I have to say, that even before this amazing instance of customer service, I was recommending this hairdresser of mine to everybody who would listen, but now I'm going to shout it from the rooftops.

If you're in Almere and looking for a perfect stylist, head to Salon B and ask for Nanja.  And for future googling remember:  Mooi Haar, door Nanja.

Updated 19 September 213:  Nanja has since left Salon B and has set up her own business.  So, if you're looking for a fabulous stylist, get in contact and I'll connect you with her.  You won't regret it, I promise.

Tell me about the best customer service experience you've had recently.  We complain about the bad points so often, sometimes we need reminding of the good.

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