29 August, 2011

I have a problem...

...I'm addicted to baby stuff.

No, seriously.  It's pretty much all I can think about.  I'm busy daydreaming about how I'm going to make the baby room look, what the baby's name will be, which pram I'm going to buy, whether or not I'm going to have a boy or a girl, how much giving birth is going to hurt, how I'm going to cling on to my own identity, how I'm going to juggle work and pay for day care (which is a stressy post, all of its own), everything.  I feel like there's a tidal wave of blah blah blah that is bursting to get out of me, but I don't want to bombard my poor husband (who only last year went through all this while I was planning a wedding!) and I'm sure there's only so much baby-talk that my friends can take, so you're my lucky victim.

How is all this baby blabber related to my integrating you might ask (if you're even still here.  Chances are that you've long clicked on to another, more interesting site).  Well.  When I'm not on the toilet (nobody seems to tell you how often you have to wee before you get pregnant!) or wearing a peg on my nose from all the offensive smells surrounding me, I've started putting together a Lust List for what I absolutely must have for my baby and some of the items are Dutch!

A couple of weeks ago I had a mad dash to the hospital in the middle of the night (well it was about 5 am, but it was still dark, so technically the middle of the night) because of some nasty bleeding that I was trying not to freak out about.  While I was waiting for the doctor to finish delivering two babies (two!  One straight after the other - it's a production line!) I noticed a lovely little bit of writing, stuck right on the wall.  It seems that there is a fabulous website called Mooi op de Muur where you can order fabulous stickers for your walls, wth a store in Almere!  Now I'm busy trawling every single picture for suitability and inspiration:

from the Mooi op de Muur website
And when I'm not busy trawling websites for nice decorations, I'm comparing the prices and usability of different prams (or buggies, or kinderwagons, depending where you come from).  Of course I made the mistake of googling 'bugaboo' and now I'm in serious trouble.  Bugaboo is like the Porsche of prams.  Really.  Here's what I'm lusting after most, the Bugaboo Cameleon:

 Both images are from the Bugaboo website

The major selling point for the Bugaboo, as opposed to other brands is that it's Dutch designed and owned!  You see, as it's such a big investment, I had to have a good selling point to Maarten.  But with a retail price of around 850 euros, we are searching every day on Maarten's favourite website of all time: marktplaats.nl.  On the upside, they seem to retain their value very well, so we should be able to make some of our money back after a couple of years when I get tired of it the baby grows out of it.  Of course, if anyone has a Bugaboo that they would like to get rid of (or if Bugaboo would fancy throwing one my way), please let me know!

So those are two of the many hundreds of things swirling around my head at the moment.  But, with the 'baby brain' that I appear to have been afflicted with, I will probably have forgotten what I was talking about by tomorrow.

If you've had a baby of your own, what did you think about all the time?  What about prams?  What did you use?  How did you train your brain to think about other things?  Help!

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