19 September, 2012

Amsterdam Mamas

Look!  Here I am, over at Amsterdam-Mamas talking about how Adventures in Integration was born. All as part of their Expatica Blog Competition Nominees in time for the i am not a tourist community fair that I talked about here earlier today.

Amsterdam Mamas is a a wonderful resource and has probably been a life-saver for me throughout my pregnancy and now as a new mum living in the Netherlands.  I stumbled upon the Facebook group back when there were about 200 or so members and today the group is staring down the barrel at 2000 members along with a hugely popular website launched earlier this year.

Founder Emmy is even Expatica's Expat of the Year 2012, congratulations and amazing work supporting so many of us Emmy.

Head over and take a look at my profile, featured on the Amsterdam-Mamas site:  Meet the Blogger: Adventures in Integration.

What we are talking about

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