26 February, 2013

My New Hero

(not the man shown in the capture on screen below, really!)

"But the Muslims did not kill six million Jews in Europe," is not what I would usually expect to come out of the mouth of TV game show host Andrew O'Keefe's mouth.  I'm far more used to hearing "No Deal!" and had tarred him with the Lightweight brush.

How wrong could I have been!  I was forwarded an interview today that AOK held with Dutch Polly Geert Wilders, who is currently spreading his gospel around Australia. I am now convinced that he is a very talented and incredibly prepared journalist who has just about been elevated to the level of my other favourite journalist Andrew (Denton) in the interview stakes.

Check out the full interview here.  I haven't enjoyed a television interview so much in a very long time.  Wilders was severely outclassed in my opinion.  But then, I'm clearly biased...

What we are talking about

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