11 June, 2013

GROOTS met een zachte G

Every year in Eindhoven, Brabant's favourite son Guus Meeuwis performs his three-day extravaganza - Groots met een zachte G.  Basically it's one massive party, with singing, conga lines, beer throwing, dancing and of course, beer drinking.

This year my sisters in law gave me a ticket for my birthday and it was an absolute cracker!  I couldn't understand much, but could sing along to my favourites - Het is een Nacht, Brabant, and of course, Kedang Kedang (which has to be heard to be believed!).

I had such a great time; I even had to get myself a souvenir - a pair of Guus Glasses:

Like my duckface selfie?

Thanks girls, I loved the concert.  Loved it.

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