19 February, 2013

Happy Birthday Raina!

Today is the best day ever.  It's Raina's first birthday.  I can't believe just how fast the time has flown by.  I look at my clock and I can tell you exactly how I was feeling at this moment a year ago - like I was trying to hold in the world's biggest poo!

I remember the contractions and trying to resist the urge to push, but more than that I remember the feeling of wonder and shock as Raina was plopped on my chest at 10.28 am.  Looking down wide-eyed at the miracle that is my daughter, staring at Maarten not quite believing that it was real, not wanting to ever let her go.

Here she is, moments after birth:

And now, a year later:

I also shared my birth story (along with some interesting (?) photos) here.  It was a wonderful experience and Raina is truly a joy.

Did I mention that it's my birthday too?  What better present could a person want than to share her birthday with her daughter?

Happy Birthday Raina, can't wait to share a hundred more of these with you.

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